Brandon Edwards



Originally from a small town in British Columbia, Brandon Edwards immigrated to Australia in 2013 and now makes his home in Devonport in North West Tasmania. Brandon’s instinct for combining the technical and the creative initially led to a career as a musician and award-winning audio engineer, and more recently to his current role managing one of the region’s most loved artisanal bakeries. Over the last two decades, Brandon has maintained a dedicated photography practice with a strong observational style that responds to the serendipitous properties of light and movement. His work has appeared in ArtAscent and The Aesthetic Apostle, awarded an honourable mention in the 2019 Chromatic Awards, and has been exhibited in both group and solo shows and private collections in Canada and Australia.



‘My photographic practice as a whole emphasises both natural and built landscapes: rivers, factories, civil structures, agriculture and cityscapes. My current project is centred on the interstitial space of the shoreline, where sea and land interact to produce a feeling of awe in the observer. You could say that I’m attempting to get at that sense of the sublime that standing on the shoreline can induce. I’m also very interested in the idea of time and its relationship to modes of documentary photography, and the question of how the photograph can represent both a moment in time and the dynamics of movement that are occurring. I work both methodically and responsively to be ready for a moment that will never again see the same confluence of events. My images show you what stopped me in my tracks.'



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